Hi. I am Gaurav B aka thePhatNinja.

And, this blog is all about what “Music” means to me. It’s something, utterly fascinating and beyond a certain imagination. For me, it’s a religion. More than a religion, even. I used to visit a lot of music blogs and sites, which covers music with a particular genre, artists and record labels, from where i was getting my daily dosage of Music, news and updates. But, there was a moment, where i felt something was wrong with the entire blogging sphere? It’s like, they are being controlled or something?

With a clear picture in my mind, and using wordpress as a platform, of’course. I thought of starting my own personal – music news, updates blog with a bit of my no-nonsense, Ad-free approach. I share my opinions on, new and upcoming artists and their updates, established artists and related industry news.

Feel free to drop a comment or two, on the blog. And, if you like the stuff or want to add an input or a constructive feedback. Feel free to reach out to me via this contact form.