A breather of two weeks, and we got plenty of #free quality music to talk about.


Let’s start with Ben Gomori, the London based House music producer has struck gold with this new remix. Ben tries to mess around(in a rather, subtle way) with Melbourne based FraFraFra’s “Work That” joint featuring the vocal talents of BBHolloGramz. The vocal cuts are amazing on this one, right here. Well, I’ll leave you to it, then.

Second on our weekend Ninja freebie list is Los Angeles based Electro/Techno producer, who goes by the moniker of BetaTraxx (Nope. He’s not related to Bellatrix Lestrange). Considering he’s a techno/dance producer, his latest range of remixes have somewhat created a whole new definition to “remixing”, to be very honest. Apparently, he just collaborated with DJ Chuckie and the famed “Slash” on Rocktronica. Well, I discovered a couple of genre bender remixes from the dude, which remixes the likes of mainstream kings “Wiz Khalifa” and “The Killers“. I am really digging the string samples on the Wiz one.


BetaTraxx was kind enough to liberate both the remixes as a free download via his soundcloud. I’ve got you covered – as far as the stream and link is concerned, right here.

On the number three, we have got ourselves a bang from the past.  For all you cosmic disco fans, I give you a re-edited version to “In Flagrante’s “Brash & Vulgar” by Erol Alkan. Erol just enabled the free download access to the .mp3. Grab your copy, ASAP!


Last but not the least, let’s end this post with a BANG! The homie “Flume” has done a massive remix to Rustie’s “Slasherr” and rolled out as a free download last week. I just can’t get enough of this tune. It’s a bit of dubstep meets trap and what not. Another genre’ bender on our weekend Ninja Freebie list today. A must for Flume fans. Grab your copy, right away!




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