I know, I know.  I too, have been complaining to my own self but I can’t help it? Can I.

It’s too much of Music to talk about and too less a time. Well, let me jump right into it.


One of my favourite songstress of the moment, Ellie Goulding (oh! How I love talking about her)  just worked her magic on Alt-J’s “Tessellate”, by adding a resounding, sultry, slow-jam layer to it. Changed the whole definition of the track. Not to mention, the one-half of Chiddy Bang “Xaphoon Jones” is on the boards to give her that helping hand, as far as the board duties goes.

Well, for starters it was a bit unusual for me. Ellie’s not too known when it comes to doing “Slow Jam” kinda stuff. But, she definitely has come of age now, in terms of her vocal abilities. Her voice on the track is like – umm. Well, you can hear it for yourself, I ain’t saying another word about it (awkward!), any more.

The original indie band who did the track “Tessellate”, which appeared on their debut effort last year is called Alt-J which represents a four member band. In a recent interview with MTV, Alt-J’s Gus Unger-Hamilton and Gwil Sainsbury said – “Well, Ellie’s a fan of the band, and that’s really nice, and she emailed me, sent me a message on Facebook or something just saying ‘Oh, I’ve done a cover of ‘Tessellate,’ what do you think of it?'” keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton said. “I played it for everyone else and I thought it was really cool. Ultimately, it was nice of her to, in a sense, ask permission! She could have just done it and it would have been fine!”

Well, it’s quite clear with the current trend that more and more artists are venturing further, exploring unimaginable genres and sounds and trying to bring that innovative/creative edge to their efforts, altogether. Which in turn is a huge bonus for us fans.

That’s it for me on this track, here. I’ll leave it for you to decide. Cop that stream down below :

Also, if you are interested in a little more “Danceable” version of the track. Check out UK based up and coming producer Clancy’s take on the track!


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