Well, the day doesn’t end until I talk about a smashing freebies, and today I actually got my hands on a couple of real solid summer joints, which are a steal as free download.


Wax Motif
Source : google.com/images

The first one’s titled “Astra“, an exciting Electro meet Progressive House track, an absolute banger of a track for your late night summer dance party cravings.  Wax Motif to blame for some top, DAW skills here. The dude’s been making all sorts of interesting noises around the festival circuit and even Beatport Electro charts.

Now, go straight to the soundcloud stream and grab your free copy of the 320 kbps ASAP!



Well, I have had my fair share of remix overdose in the recent weeks. However, there’s this one particular remix which has caught the “ears” of entire Electronic Music blogosphere. And, yes. I am referring to this brand new “summer-ed” remix of Justin Timberlake’s latest “Suit & Tie” featuring none other than Jay Z.  Rej Dhingra aka January Black, a LA based DJ/Producer took the challenge of turning the already smashing track into one of the most interesting summer dance Jam.

Well, enough with it. You can get a free copy of the remix by liking his Facebook page. Good deal for free good music, eh??


Seems like, summer is really taking it’s toll on DJs/Producers, all around the globe.  The third and last on our weekend freebie feature is a smashing remix of 1996’s Ginuwine’s massive hit song “Pony” . I don’t know, if I really like this remix or I like the face that someone actually took the courage to remix one of the most amazing R&b track ever, produced by one of my favourite Hip Hop producer – Timbaland. However, I was just not too sure if this remix deserved it’s own post? Well, let’s leave the mathematics, shall we?


source : facebook.com/ViceroyOfficial

Viceroy, California based producer/DJ who’s only motto is “Summertime, all the time” actually kind of delivered on his motto here. The resulting remix, titled “Pony (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix)” has made a splashing debut on Soundcloud with more than 100,000 plays within three days. And, trended on HypeM, for hours last night. The synth work on the remix is absolutely colossal and of top notch quality. Moreover, it’s available for a free download. Grab your copy, rightaway!



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