It’s beautiful to even think that Music is a universal language. Beyond a certain borders, mindsets and boundaries.

I was on usual scouting mission around the Internet, where I stumbled across this sweet, intriguing track from an Electronic/Pop artists all the way from Estonia. I dug a little information on her background, found out she’s not that strange to the music scene at all. And, apparently she’s on Island Records books. How about that?


source :

I am referring to “Kerli“, who was just invited to perform on Dancing with the Stars where Vibe magazine dubbed the performance a major milestone in the Electronic Dance Music World.

The track titled “Legends” which surfaced all over the Internet a few days back, has a whole “Alex Da Kid” feel to it. But, I am not too sure whom to blame for some top, top .. board skills there. Not to mention, Kerli’s vocals where she’s sings about a brand new generation, talks about a new beginning and being young might just be enough for me to convince and add her to the list of artists to watch in 2013.

I managed to cop a #soundcloud stream, after searching for a while. Enjoy the stream below, also .. don’t forget to support the artist by checking out and buying her latest album from here.


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