Good Music. “Nuff said!

Bobby Ray, aka B.o.B went from nobody to almost crashing Grammy Awards two years in a row and almost a million copies in sales for his debut and sophomore album combined is set to drop a bomb called “Underground Luxury” as his long anticipated third studio album under Grand Hustle.


B.o.B just released some kick ass visuals to his straight second single off the upcoming album effort title “Though My Head” which truly depicts his versatility in terms of lyrical genius. He’s talking, making a political commentary with lyrics like “If you I ruled the world, with my rules and sh*t / I’d prolly roll the Constitution up into a spliff.”

I mean, everything this guy does is nothing short of an achievement and makes you wanna appreciate and encourage him even more. He tried different stuff, every single time. Probably why, one of my favourite artist in the Industry right about now.

Well, I have no information on the release date for his upcoming album effort, but keep a watch on this space here! Until then, enjoy the outstanding visuals to an awesome track!


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