While others may fight over the fact, if it’s an old mix or a brand new one? Who did it or who didn’t? One thing’s for sure, this track surely strikes all the right chords with most of the “Trap” lovers out there. I don’t usually dig trap as a genre, however I had to make an exception for this one and put it in my Playlist, last night. And, I am hooked ever since.


source :

Apparently, one half of remixing “GurusGTA and Miami native Van Toth, have come up with a supposedly “brand new” edit. It’s called “Move For Me (GTA MIX)“, giving Kaskade and Deadmau5’s Move for Me a whole new definition. Well, scratch that. I think, the real story is Van Toth worked on a remix back in December 2012, which is almost like a rough version to this brand new remix. Well whatever the story may be, I care less.

Grab your copy of the track by clicking here. Meanwhile try the YouTube stream below.


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