My only motive behind this blog was to talk about the #Music, I love. I aspire to do, some time in the near future. The Music, I admire. The Music, I live and breath. And of’course, irrespective of a particular genre’.


Karen Marie aka “Mø”
Credit : Mathias Theisen (

And, when I talk about my love for Music. It’s not bounded to a particular genre’, region/country or even an artist/group? Which brings me to this Danish songwriter/artist Karen Marie, who is widely known by her stage name ““, made a huge noise during this year’s SXSW with her ground-breaking soul-fusion pop meets future R&B sounds.

Apparently, she just debuted a whole new track titled “Waste of time” a couple of days back, on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show.  The intro would remind you of a generic hip-hop beat, however within 15 seconds, it will change your whole perspective with that intriguing vocal skills. I am really digging this track. And, I suggest you should give it a shot at once. You won’t regret it!

Did manage to cop the official soundcloud stream for ya’ll, below. Go and support her cause, here.


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