NINJA STREAM : Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont feat. Malin – Safe With You (Dub Mix)

What happens when, three time Grammy winner collaborate with one of the most promising and outstanding Electronic artist/producer in the dance music scene, right about now? – Safe With You, happens.


And yes, I am referring to “Stuart Price” aka “Jacques Lu Cont ” the legendary brit record producer who was willing enough to even consider a collaboration with OWSLA artist/producer Alex Metric. The track is titled “Safe With You” where Malin from Nicki & the Dove blesses us with a rather intriguing vocals.

The Dub mix was premiered on BBC RADIO 1 by Annie Mac, who also managed to get a bit of introspect from Stuart himself on the collaboration and Club Music in general –

What I really love is working on music where the objective isn’t about how commercially successful it has to be. Within dance music it’s totally liberating and you do what makes you feel good. No matter what you’ve made, you know within 5 seconds of putting that record on in the club whether it’s any good or not, and you don’t get that anywhere else. It’s so immediate and magical like that.

Well, enough with it! I did manage to cop a soundcloud stream for ya’ll.

And, If you’re just looking for the track a listen. Try the video below!



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