While we, as a general public struggles to accept the ever-degrading quality of  Music in a whole. There might just be a shinning light, at almost the end of the tunnel.

And, yes. I am referring to RocNation’s very own “J. Cole” who is one of the handful of artists I admire when it comes to lyrical versatility and over all sense of what exactly the term “Good Music” actually means.


After  a tussle with the label, he’s upcoming sophomore effort “Born Sinner” is going to hit all the major retailers across the world, on June 25th.  Not to mention, he’s ever-friendly nature and passion for his fans made him release a brand new track titled “Cole Summer” and accompanied it with a new self-produced 6 track EP titled “Yours Truly“, last night.

The EP boasts Jeezy, 2Chainz and Bas on guest duties on three different tracks.

To give you a hint, Cole talks about his Mother and phobia, contemplating his second album not performing well on this new “Cole Summer” joint. With lyrics like –  “Throwing dollars in the strip club with Drizzy/Difference is I’m throwin’ four, he throwin’ 50″ .. Cole gives a shout out to fellow artist Drake.

Well, enough with it. It’s top, top quality music right here. And, Cole was kind enough to liberate it for FREE!

You can click the download link in the soundcloud stream below for the track “Cole Summer” and Click here to cop that new E.P.


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