I have been tracking this “anonymous” French artist/nu-disco producer “Neptune Safari” for a few weeks, now.

Neptune Safari

And, all I can say is – Wow! Cause, being a “not so” connoisseur of Nu-Disco I am really feeling the vibe on this new track titled “Nebula” from Neptune Safari.

With a disco beat, and a guitar solo to add a little flavour to the track. I just can’t imagine for this dude to be a regular nerdy 16-years old guy trying to make a name into the ever-growing industry of home producers? There’s a hint of “matureness” in his sounds.  His soundcloud page is raking up a plays in thousands with each passing day!

Decide for yourself.  Well, I do not want you to be missing the boat cause this dude’s got some skills if you ask me.

Enough with it, I got the official soundcloud stream for ya’ll. Also, feel free to support the producer/artist by downloading and liking his page.


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