Everyday a thousands of remixes/covers makes an appearance all around, a thousands of them fades away within a few hours, some days and so on. However, there is this particular creed of remixes/covers, very rare. Which leaves that ever-lasting effect on the listener, and becomes even more appealing than the original composition.


It’s no rocket science to not expect a tsunami of remixes and covers after Daft Punk’s latest single struck gold at most the electronic charts, all around the world. However, the point is – which remix or cover makes the cut, above the rest?

Which brings me to Daughteran English Indie-folk band, all the way from London who just broke all the known barriers of  “crossover genres” by rolling out a cover of Daft Punk’s latest “Get Lucky” in a rather indie fashion.

I can’t even begin to express my “awe” after listening to this completely different version of the track. It’s darker, heavyhearted as compared to the original tone of the track. Breathtaking, to say the least! Not to mention the band is all ready for their debut album release which is available for stream on RollingStone in advance of it’s release.

Meanwhile, I’ve got the official soundcloud stream of the cover for ya’ll. Feel free to cop the download from this link here.


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