In case, you’re wondering what the heck is “Gentlemen Hall“? It’s the name of a synth/pop group consisting of six members, based out of Boston, MA. Who released their debut EP “When We All Disappear” to a critical acclaim in 2012 and has been touring ever since.


Gentlemen Hall
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Currently working on their first full length album, slated for a late 2013 release. The first single is titled “Sail Into The Sun” has garnered a lot of airplays as well as been used as a backdrop of a couple of highly rated Samsung and Target commercials on the radio. While I can’t seem to stop myself from talking about the original version of the track.

Meanwhile, a couple of  Chicago natives just went in and brought a whole new definition to the original track.

The first remix I am going to talk about is a rather, disco’ed version of the original. Using the Gentlemen Hall’s original breezy vocal qualities as a backdrop, the dude “Sam Padrul” somehow managed to put his vision up front which gave the track a whole new meaning and made it a lot more danceable, it previously was. And, a model summer party jam, to say the least. Top of it, Sam was kind enough to liberate the remix for free. I’ve got the official soundcloud stream for ya’ll. Feel free to download the track by clicking the download option on the stream itself.

The second remix is a rather Electro/Dutch-House’ed version by two artists who goes by the name of Dani Deahl and Animale. A short intro on Deahl’s soundcloud gives more than a reason to check this one out, for real.

Dani Deahl & Animale turn the track into a main room blitzer with Dutch-like synths that rise into a crescendo. It’s countered by blithe breakdowns with the plinking music-box sounds from the original and uplifting melodies, but it doesn’t stay silent for long. More Groove Cruise than yacht, this remix will make you want to toss one back in your finest captain’s hat.

Once agian, Deahl was kind enough to drop this one as a free download, too. Cop it, while it’s hot!

Meanwhile, If you are still not sure if you’ve heard the original one. I got the official stream to the original version right here!


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