It took me a while to find a suitable photo to go with this post. Really tells you the story behind this anonymous yet outstanding duo, who goes by the moniker of “Snakehips“, once again representing U.K, in the ever-growing industry of R&B meets Electronic genre.

After earning a million views on their youtube video of Wild Belle‘s “It Too Late” remix, and a huge rave with the round of regular remixes on the circuit. They’re finally out with their first original composition in the form of “On & On” featuring the vocal talents from a guest artist all the way from Australia, goes by the name of “George Maple“.

The overall production value on this track is nothing short of an achievement. The way the duo is able to play around with breakbeat, funky guitar flicks and organ and strings are thrown in between is just pure class. I’ve been a fan of breakbeat, for a while now. And this track struck all the right chords, as far as my desires are concerned. I’ve been hooked to their #soundcloud page, ever since some dude on #twitter got me the link to this new track.

Enough with it, I guess it’s time I let you guys to decide for your own selves. Also, congratulation to the duo for cracking Hype Machine’s Top 5, last night! Way to go.




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