I didn’t want to act like a total tool and ignore this wonderful remix which just debuted via Phoenix’s official soundcloud page a couple of days back.

I wouldn’t go too far saying, I am a huge, huge fan of Phoenix. But, I’ve had my moments with their tracks – If I ever feel better, Too Young, Run Run Run.. and a few others of the tracks during their career, which still shines brighter than ever on my playlist.

Apparently the band is back with the latest album titled “Bankrupt!“, and Entertainment acted as the lead single off it. Also, the English deep house/techno quartet, goes by the moniker of “Hot Natured” took some time and added a whole new definition to an already interesting track, which is certainly going to make some noise during/this summer.

With the release of this remix, the Brit based quartet commented – “We’re all big fans of Phoenix. We had kind of decided that Hot Natured wouldn’t do remixes but we couldn’t turn this down. We broke off finishing the album and all got it involved. Our first proper Hot Natured remix.”

Also, they are already bracing up for a new release titled “Reverse Skydiving” featuring the vocal talents of Anabel Englund, which I’ll be covering in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, enjoy the official soundcloud stream of this classy remix and don’t forget to cop it via your favourite digital retailer.


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