The XX
Source : facebook.com/thexx

The vibe on this track is flawless. You would want to lose yourself to. Been hooked to this tune, for the past few hours in a row now.

I am listening to this track, while I type this post. It’s that good.  And yes, I am referring to this United Kingdom based Indie band The XX‘s track “Reconsider” which makes an appearance on their 2012 album effort titled “Coexist“. Apparently, Jamie XX who is one third of the band has reworked some of his magic on this new edited version, which makes it an outrageously soulful, soothing downbeat track.

And, just to add.. Jamie is the same dude who worked as the lead producer on the title track of/with Drake on his sopohomore effort “Take Care“. Widely known for his production skills, he managed to grab some attention during 2010-2011 while performing remixes for some hard hitting mainstream artists like  Florence + The Machine, Adele, Jack Peñate and Glasser.

Currently touring at Coachella 2013 with his partners Romy and Oliver in crime, was kind enough to liberate this new edit.

I did manage to cop the official soundcloud stream for ya’ll listening pleasures. Listen to it, down below. Don’t forget to cop it via your favourite digital retailer, as soon as you can.


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