When it comes to pop. I am not really a fan. But, there is this certain creed of producers I admire, who are constantly, trying every inch to break this stereotype barrier, with their every single effort.

Which brings me to this production crew based out of  United Kingdom, who is known for their outstanding production and writing skills. Goes by the name of “Xenomania“, a production team founded by Brian Higgins not to confuse with the U.S. congressmen Brian Higgins.

The team has been credited for a whole bunch of chart topping numbers for some amazing artists like Chicane, Cher, Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys, The Wanted, Sugababes and the list goes on. Not to mention, the team has now rolled out their own recording label by the name of “Xenomania Records“.

During an interview Brain explained the motive and idea behind establishing a recording label :

 “It’s very difficult to get in. Everyone’s hand-picked.” They write, produce, and rehearse music before they “sell record companies the artists they’ve discovered and developed.” He also noted, “We’d love to be a modern day version of RAK, where the artists are signed and developed here.” The goal is to establish an “entertainment company, with Higgins ..presiding over a pool of talent, retaining key rights to the artists they develop.” Higgins also says, “I object to the word ‘manufactured’ cause I think it’s invariably said with a vague sneer. The real phrase is ‘producer driven’.”


Amelia Lily
Source : google.com/images

The latest from Xenomania is a dance/pop with a crossover hint of Drum and Bass in the production of this brand new single titled “Party Over” which features one of their artists signed on the label, Amelia Lily. The song also serves as the third straight single for Amelia’s upcoming debut album. I am really digging this whole new definition to the pop as a genre.

Well, I got the official video link for ya’ll, down below. Meanwhile, show the support to the artist by clicking here and buy the latest single.



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