Not much of a fan of Dubstep myself, in a whole. However, as a fan of Electronic Music I couldn’t bare to ignore such an outstanding track. Knowingly, Dubstep is just a sub-genre along with a hundred of different genres right under the Electronic Music umbrella.

Having said that, the track I am talking about isn’t really Dubstep at all. Rather, minimal version of the usual “Woooob, Wuuuuub” with a subtle, melodic touch. Titled “Can We Survive” is a track by Frisco based home producer “Stephen Burke” who is widely known by his stage name SirensCeolThe track features vocal talents from Brenton Mattheus, which is quite odd for a dubstep track. Cause, this track breaks the usual “Noise making” barriers of the genre and brings out a whole new vision of soft, melodic and soothing touch to the genre.

Moreover, Stephen was kind enough to drop the track for a free download. I got the official stream for ya’ll, down below. And don’t forget to support the 20 years old producer in his cause by downloading and liking his facebook page here.


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