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ShockOne isn’t an alien name, when it comes to quality music in Drum and Bass/Dubstep crossover genre. Hailing from Perth, has made a name for himself in the industry, already. Currently aiming for his highly anticipated debut LP titled “Universus” under Viper Recordings imprint.

But, we are here to talk about the latest remix of his outstanding track off the upcoming album. The track is titled “Lazerbeam” which also boasts a guest features from Metrik & Keyza.  There’s a hint of Moombah, which really brings out a whole new definition on the track. The track was released on 14th of this month as a single, including a range of remixes including the one which is my favourite and on constant loop from past two nights.

The remixing duties been handled by none other than “Skism” who is widely known for his skills when it comes to Glitch, Dubstep and Moombah. I was able to spot the official stream of both the original and the remixed version of the track via #soundcloud for your listening pleasure. Don’t forget to support the artists by buying their latest single/album from here. And if you are looking to buy only the remixed version, you can get that from here.


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