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Up for some funk? Norwich based DJ and producer “Louis La Roche” aka Brett Ewels got your covered.

I am referring to the latest remix he rolled out of much a popular dance floor classic “I Need Your Love” by Calvin Harris featuring a guest effort from Ellie Goulding, from Calvin’s 2o12 studio album “18 Months“. I am not sure what was Brett’s motive before he started remixing this track, but whatever it was, it brought a whole new definition to an already amazing track. A brand new tune, with a hint of french funk.

He didn’t really use the original composition at all. Just streamed the vocals and used it in his own way, with an entire different methodology. That’s what you called, the art of remixing. Making another song, your own. This is the quality which determines or differentiate between at least a hundreds of DJs and producers rolling out remixes on a daily basis.  I am really feeling the vibe on this track, most importantly it’s like a bang from the past – synth reminds you of 80’s funk/pop with vocoded vocals.

Enough with it, already. I don’t want you to any more of your time and download the remix already. Brett was kind enough to drop the remix as a free download! Now, how cool is that. Make sure to pay a visit to his facebook page and hit like, if you really feel the vibe.



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