Considering how well Kendrick’s first major debut effort “good kid, m.A.A.d City” performed on the charts and sold almost a 800,000 copies worldwide, no wonder every other Artist wants to collaborate and bring in that K.Dot heat to their efforts.

However, at the same time  it shouldn’t mean that other artists are any lesser than K.Dot in terms of talent and skills. Which brings me to this latest remixed single off Miguel’s second studio album Kaleidoscope Dream” titled “How Many Drinks?“.


K.Dot, makes a rather subtle appearance on the track which takes you back to his smashing single “Swimming Pools (Drank)“, that particular flow is beyond a certain imaginations. Flawless stuff from him.  Salaam Remi,  on the board duties.  In a recent interview with the Vibe magazine, Miguel pointed out the fact how this collaboration would “sound like a breath of fresh air“.

Also during the interview, Miguel revealed :

“Kendrick is poised to be the next staple in hip-hop [and] I certainly intend on becoming that for R&B,” Miguel says. “I don’t get that vibe that he’s putting on… I just feel like he’s just being honest in his music. Newer, younger artists, that’s what we’re all striving to do. Just be ourselves. Kendrick is one of the best examples of that.”

Well, one thing’s for sure – they both are bringing something new to the table in their respective genres. And I hope, they keep on doing and experimenting, treating us fans with what matters the most – Good, Quality Music!

Find the official stream to the single, down below. Don’t forget to grab your copy by clicking here.


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