Ever wondered, what it feels like to have something within your reach and you still can’t seem to get hold of it?

I have been exploring/scouting some real interesting and outstanding, much a ground-breaking sounds/Artists and Producers one of these days. Which is what I wanted to do, in the first place with my blog here. Discover and promote new and upcoming talents.


Ghost Loft – As the moniker suggests, a ghostly elevation which isn’t hard to spot or recognize in his productions. I stumbled across the latest from the dude or dudette (couldn’t gather much information about the artist//producer?), titled “So High“, which is currently hovering at/around number 1 spot on HypeM’s most popular track on music blogs.  This is the kind of sound, you would want to lose yourself into. This track’s been on repeat, since last night. And, I just can’t get enough of the emotions, the outstanding panning of vocals and the energy on this track.

One thing’s for sure, Ghost Loft is now going on my list of Artist/Producer to watch rise in 2013. Looking forward to his/her upcoming EP. Meanwhile, we got the official stream down below!


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