Well, it’s the weekend. My laptop has almost burned to death (thanks to “Dell” for the overheating, an ever persisting issue!) Using the spare laptop for the internet. I guess, I need to find a regular income Job for myself and buy an iMac or something, ASAP.


In the Music world stories, I’ve got my hands on this sweet remix from Los Angeles based DJ MAKJ, who’s stint with DJíng started at only 15 years of age. He used to be a professional Race Car Driver, would you believe? This dude just got himself a deal with Hardwell‘s latest “Revealed Recordings” in 2013 and all set to burn the dance floors with his planned Radio Show and an upcoming full album.

Going by the grapevine, the outstanding Belgian duo “Sound of Stereo” were kind enough to drop the official stems of their one of the most amazing tracks off the 2009 EP “Zipper” to Mak, during the Winter Music Conference.  Well, we have the remix, which was rolled out last night via Mak’s official soundcloud.

P.S : Feel free to download the track, via clicking the Free download button on the soundcloud stream.




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