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Time for the weekly #soundcloud scouting. And, guess what we have to share today?

GRiZ” aka Grant Kwiecinski, a 21 years old Detroit based saxophone player/vinyl head/Electronic Music Producer. When I clicked play on his latest free release titled “Gettin’ Live“, I was like – What’s up? That horn/guitar section on the intro is sampled from Django Unchained Theme or something? But, it eventually picks up from there and goes to an entire different territory known as “glitch”, with a slight hint of dub-bass. I mean, JESUS! The work on this track is so diverse from one genre to another? I struggled really hard to correctly categorize this track into a particular genre. Experimenting is more like it, to be very honest.

Though, you can’t do nothing but admire the sheer versatility of the Artist/Producer. According to his facebook page it’s him on the saxophone during the later part of the track.  Overall, this track is a definite proof of his capabilities and what more he can achieve with just experimenting and hovering around different genres.

Check out the free release down below and feel free to download and drop a comment on his soundcloud/facebook page to show your support for his work.


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