Count me among one of those millions, or even zillions of fans who are massively, patiently waiting for the upcoming *already a legend* studio album from none other than, one of the most ground-breaking and legendary french electronic record producers who goes by the moniker of *drum rolls* *Star Wars Empire Theme* …. DAFT PUNK!

The dudes are in the final stage of churning out the tracks. Apparently, some cheeky bugger *coughs* *Konbini France* *coughs* were kind enough to get us a peek into the “supposedly” final track list including the names of artists/producers the duo have worked or collaborated with on this new album titled “Random Access Memories“.


The list of names includes – Rodgers, Moroder, Williams, Gonzales, Julian Casablancas, DJ Falcon, Noah Benjamin Lennox, Pharrell Williams and Todd Edwards. It’s interesting to see, how Pharrell has made the cut.  He’s going to provide the vocal duties on a couple of tracks. The leaked list of collaborations on tracks is, as follows :

1 – Nile Rodgers (Guitar), Paul Jackson Jr. (Guitar) – 4:34

2 – Instrumental – 5:21

3 – Giorgio Moroder (Synth) – 9:04

4 – Gonzales (Piano) – 3:48

5 – Julian Casablancas (Vocals) – 5:37

6 – Loose yourself to dance – Nile Rodgers (Guitar), Pharrell Williams (Vocals) – 5:53

7 – Paul Williams (Vocals and Lyrics) – 8:18

8 – Nile Rodgers (Guitar), Pharrell Williams (Vocals) – 6:07

9 – Paul Williams (Lyrics) – 4:50

10 – Instrumental – 5:41

11 – Todd Edwards (Vocals) – 4:39

12 – Noah Benjamin Lennox (Panda Bear – Vocals) – 4:11

13 – Dj Falcon – 6:21

As indicated earlier, there are going to be a thirteen tracks on the album. Well, can’t wait. Meantime, I’ve got this banger off “Daft Punk’s Tron OST” for you all. Listen to it, and feel that Daft Punk vibe.


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