Everytime I read his moniker. It reminds me of that wonderful game I played in 2011 “Singularity“. Some time traveling, Soviet Union around the World War era stuff. You have to role play a soldier who has the ability to phase between today and 1955. Some crazy, off the hook shit. You guys wanna check that game out.  Apparently, they are working on a sequel or something.


Meanwhile, back to the Music scene. I’ve got this sweet new release titled “Horizon” from LA based dubstep/Glitch producer Singularity. I am really digging this new take on the whole dubstep genre. As Singularity himself has categorized this track into a whole new genre called “LoveStep” with some amazing help on the vocals from California based Indie singer “Nilu“.

I mean, it’s really encouraging how he’s trying to involve the sounds and experimenting with it. I think, that’s the approach we (counting myself as an up and coming electronic producer, too) all should try and follow to bring out something different, if not best.

I got the official stream down below, with a free download (it’s a tweet to download thingy, which isn’t a big deal if you are getting quality music for free!) access to the track. ENJOY!


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