Chris Brown is Back and Apparently in His “Gentleman” Avatar with “FINE CHINA” [Stream + Video]

All the “Team #ChrisBrown” folks, will you please stand up? Cause, you are gonna wanna check this brand new single which has earned nothing short of a critical acclaim in terms of over-all production value, vocals and even visuals from my fellow reviewers and media community.


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I still recall the day, the first time I heard Chris Brown crunk’in, marauding in his debut single “Run It“, way back in 2005. Barely started my college years. Became a fan, within a second. Ups and Downs are part of our lives, which serves as  the elementary/required experience. Even though, 2009-2011 wasn’t the most interesting couple of years for him in terms of his personal life. But, Chris has shown promises again and again. Now, he’s finally back with Rihanna and bracing up for next, sixth studio album titled “X“.

The latest new single is titled “Fine China”, which is a stellar example of how Chris draws pop influence from one of the major trend setter in the Music industry  ever – Michael Jackson (God Rest his Soul). Don’t be surprised, if you witness this brand new single topping the R&B or even Pop charts on the billboard in the coming few weeks cause it’s that good. The over-all production value on the track is immaculate. From writing to the board skills. Apparently, the writing camp prodigy “Eric Bellinger” is to blame for the lyrics duty along with Chris himself and LA native Roccstar with PK for the board duties.

Chris also debuted the official video to the song via his official vevo. We got the visuals right here.

A few points about the video:

  • Chris is still expressionless.  How is he getting all these movies, is beyond me?
  • The female lead is one of the most beautiful girls, I ever seen in a music video. #truestory (What’s her name? Anyone)
  • Chris has co-directed the music video. Not a bad attempt, at all.

You figure out the rest.

Meanwhile, the official soundcloud stream, down below. And don’t forget to support him by buying this brand new single here.


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