Last night I was checking the “MonsterCat” Media’s website and came across this new release on their beatport account titled “Together” by an Ireland based Dubstep/Electro producer, who goes by the moniker of “NoiseStorm“.

Going by the information available on NoiseStorm’s official facebook page, Eoin O’ Broin is the brainchild to blame for NoiseStorm. The kid’s barely 18 has already topped Beatport’s official Top 100 Electro House release in 2012 with his “Renegade EP“.  And currently released a new single under MonsterCat titled “Together“, which already hit the number 3 spot on Beatport’s top 100 dubstep chart, a couple of nights back.


Now, when I first heard this new track titled “Together”. I could instantly spot an inspiration NoiseStorm draws from his idol, Skrillex. The lush vocal sweep, tinkling piano with a drop which immediately takes you back to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites era. However, he does a few tricks, here and there to prove his experience in terms of creating a brand new signature “NoiseStorm” sound. The overall production on the track is nothing short of an achievement.

I got the official stream for your listening pleasure and don’t forget to support the dude by buying his latest single via here.


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