I already covered the much an anticipated remix featuring Kendrick Lamar off Emile’s debut effort titled “Our Version of Events“, which released last year with much a fan fare, also received an array of positive reviews from music critics for her versatility and skills.

Titled “Next To Me“, is a model-fodder for a lot of producers who are into the remixing game. Apparently, if you google “Next To Me Remix”, you will end up with at least a hundred different versions of the particular track. And I don’t blame the producers cause the track definitely packs a punch. Which brought me this latest Electro/House remix.


At first, I thought – Man, I am getting tired of this thing! But, I eventually gave it a listen, and surprisingly it kinda grew on me after a few listens. The electro remix has been produced by Colorado based Electro Producer and DJ James Egbert who had a breakthrough year 2012 with a host of his remixes and records ruling the Beatport’s Electro/House, Progressive House charts.  He’s currently working/co-producing with LA based EDM producer SchoolBoy for a three-track EP titled “The Silver Lining EP” for an April release.

Overall, this remix is a beast. Give it a shot, and buy the track by clicking this link here!


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