Never heard of this guy before. Came out of nowhere, but with a sweet, sweet sound.

Goes by the name, Groundislava aka Jasper Patterson an up and coming DJ/Electronic producer based out of Los Angeles. And, is currently part of WEDIDIT COLLECTIVE, which also includes the likes of Shlohmo, JUS, D33J etc.


He might have missed the party, when everyone else was busy jumping on Katy Perry‘s Wide Awake, last year. Though, they say it’s never too late. Jasper took some time and finally came out with an interesting take on the original song. If you talk about the production value, it definitely provides a soothing edge to an already amazing song. With, arpeggio synth can be heard making some dope noises and an overall electronic/pop feel to it. Man, I am really digging this one!

Without further adieu, I got the official #soundcloud stream for your listening pleasure, down below. Check it out, and support the artist by downloading his other tracks/dropping a comment or two on his Facebook page.


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