I’ve always had respect and admiration for what Tech N9ne has done for this industry in the past 20 years or so. It’s nothing short of a massive achievement in terms of producing quality music while being one of the most under-rated rappers in the history of modern hip hop/rap.

With twelve studio albums, a countless collaborations, a production discography running into three digits with an appearance in a bunch of movies, games and television. I think Tech has come a long way in the industry, where I guess it’s fair to assess and even comment, that nobody can even think of touching him. He’s like in his own separate league or something.


Which brings me to his latest street single titled “B.I.T.C.H” which is an acronym for “Breaking In To Colored Houses“, is going to make an appearance on his upcoming thirteenth studio effort titled “Something Else“. Nappy Boy Entertainment honcho “T-Pain” makes a strong case for himself as the most creative “hook” artist in the industry, with his usual skills. Some people have started to tout Future as the new T-Pain or something? But, I think it’s too early to even comment on that, considering how long T-Pain has been in the Industry and still going stronger than ever. It might take a while for a new artist like Future to gain that stature or catch up with him. Knowingly, they both can’t be compared, with what they both are trying to achieve in the industry.  Not too sure, who is behind the boards but it does makes sense for Tech N9ne to be handling the board duties?

Over all, I am really digging this new track and got an un-official stream for your listening pleasure.


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