When I first heard them girls from Australia, I was like – yeah, everybody seems to be DJ’ing and the whole EDM thingy, nowadays. But, what I didn’t realize was, these girls would go on and were to be blamed for a host of chart topping numbers and a featured collaborators for a range of artists/producers from David Guetta to Afrojack and Steve Aoki to Nicky Romero.


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The twins, goes by the name Miri and Liv have been active in the music scene for the past eight years or so. Started as the models for a model agency based out of Australia, were barely 16 at that time. However, they made clear that their priority was to pursue an active music career. Which earned them a songwriting contract with Sony Music. Where they worked for a host of mainstream artists like Ke$Ha, Richard Grey, Ashley Tisdale and Pussycat Dolls before announcing a worldwide recording deal with Virgin Records/EMI Music which enabled them to jointly discover new artists and produce new music material, at the same time.

They went on to collaborate and providing a bunch of chart toppers in the UK Club dance charts for the year 2011 and 2012, before finally started working on their debut effort.


Which brings me to this new track titled “Hold On“, going to serve as the first official single off their yet to be titled album. In an Interview with Miri revealed a bit about the track and their upcoming album effort –

“When you’re in the studio, you really experiment with your voice,” explains Mim. “For us, tone is a really big thing, so we do work hard when we cut vocals.” Liv adds that, while working on “Hold On” last October, she and Mim were inspired by “indie vocals” like those of Imogen Heap and Portishead. “Because we don’t have big diva voices—which we would love. But, let’s face it, we don’t. We work with what we’ve got.”

In this case, what they have is that rare song that works in headphones and in DJ sets alike. “It’s been received really well in our sets,” says Mim. The track has enough dance-floor drive to command a crowd, while its melody continues to resonate long after it ends.

Given their recent streak of big singles and headlining DJ sets, asking about the “a-word” is all but inevitable. Yes, there will “hopefully” be a NERVO album by the end of the year, says Mim. “We’ve already fleshed out a lot of the ideas, which are great.” Liv adds that they “don’t want every song to be a four-on-the-floor, 128 [BPM] banger with an electro drop. We want to show some different layers to us as artists and writers.”

Well, I was able to spot an un-official stream to the track, scroll below. And, don’t forget to support these girls once their single is out on iTunes.


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