Haven’t heard a decent trap and bass sound/remix in a while (Baauer‘s Harlem Shake being the exception), but last night one of my friend via #facebook forwarded this new remix from a DJ/producer based out of Los Angeles, California who goes by the moniker “Zooly“.

Well, I was skeptical at first cause remixing a legendary track which revolutionized the entire electro/house scene way back in the 2000’s is always going to a massive challenge. And as I am in particularly not a huge fan of the whole remixing circuit and the track I am referring here is “One More Time” by the superduperproducers Daft Punk, which peaked on to #2 spot on UK charts in 2000 and went on to be the only #1 single from the french duo in their home country. If you ask me, Daft Punk are the originators and a beacon of constant inspiration to an up and coming electronic producer like me and many others.


Having said that, I can assure you guys that this latest remix isn’t short of an achievement itself. Zooly, basically manages to use the intro as a base, a bit sped up .. and do something entirely unexpected. Loving that hat drop and vocal cuts. You can still feel the originality of the track in there, not entirely absent. It’s after 1:39 mark where things actually gets real interesting. On and all, I am really digging this trap vision to one of my all time favorites.

Feel free to cop the “free download“/ listen to the official stream down below.  And don’t forget to support the producer by liking his facebook page, right here.




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