N.O.R.E’s Back With A Brand New “The Problem”

I personally am a big fan of Victor. From his trendsetter “Superthug” (except the one trillion What? shouts) to his 2002 summer anthem “Nothin”. I mean, this dude is probably one of the most under-rated hip hop/rap artist ever. Mostly known by his stage name/moniker “NOREAGA”, N.O.R.E and now “”P.A.P.I” which apparently stands for Power Always Proves Intelligence.

The friendship between Victor and Pharrell goes way back to their first collaboration on the track Superthug  in 1998 on his self-titled album N.O.R.EAfter that particular record, they collaborated a few times on tracks like “Finito”, “Nothin”, “Grimy” and “Oh No”. And once again, Victor rolled out a brand new, supposedly a single off his upcoming studio effort titled “Student of The Game“.


The track is titled “The Problem” where, once again superproducers “The Neptunes” have handled the board duties with the honcho Pharrell making a guest appearance on the hook. The track is far from an anthem as of now, however it remains to be seen, how it’s going to perform on the charts.  But, it surely packs a punch with a frantic synth work and Victor reminding of the good old days.

I’ve got the official stream for your listening pleasure. And don’t forget to support the dude by clicking here and buying the single!


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