As usual, my #soundcloud scouting mission introduced me to a highly rated (in terms of live performance and over all production value on the tracks) house, EDM producer based out of Howell, NJ, United States who goes by the stage name “KDrew“. Couldn’t find much about the dude, however listened to a range of his tracks from House to Dubstep, EDM to Progressive. Dude’s got some top, top board skills.


The latest from him is titled “Halogen“, which may sound like a House track but isn’t really your typical house track at all. There are a lot of turns and twists in the 5:28 long behemoth of a dance number. His grip over the slightest of bars, is impeccable. Which in turn, makes the sound even more appealing and attractive.

I guess, enough of it. He’s been active in the dance scene for a while now but I am marking him in the latest artist/producer to feature under “New Blood” series.

Plus, find the official stream to his latest “Halogen” down below and feel free to click download or comment to show your support for the Artist/Producer.


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