Atu – Pictures On Silence (EP)

As I posted last week, an incredible track from this dude, who goes by the moniker “Atu” and how he’s aiming for a debut EP release next month. He just rolled out an official stream consisting of six tracks from it and a limited free download of his highly anticipated EP titled “Pictures On Silence“, even before it hits the stores around the world on April the 5th.

atu x blk arrw

As usual, I found his sounds absolutely stunning and a breath of fresh air in this already crowded industry, where everybody is rather focused on the commercial aspects of their work.  I am not too sure, if the free downloads are exhausted yet? But, this is a must-get EP for this month. My personal favorites off the album are – “Close“, “Can Do it“, “Missing You” and of’course “the Duo“. Even if you are buying this album, you are getting some quality music and showing support to an non-for-profit organization Atu supports, which provide financial assistance to children based in the rural areas of Malawi. For more information check out –

An excerpt from the official BandCamp page :

20-year-old Atu comes to us from Ann Arbor, Michigan courtesy of Sango. When we first heard Atu’s music, we were blown away with his clear 90’s r&b influences and diverse future sound. The Malawian producer delicately fuses bass and soul, adding his signature, elegant vocal sampling to the mix. He incorporates unique time signatures and plays nicely with the silence, consistently leaving you wanting more. Atu is poised today to deliver the sound of tomorrow through his progressive aural direction.

Limited to 1500 free downloads | Available everywhere else worldwide April 5th

The official stream :


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