The “Bawse” Helps Out John Legend On His Brand New “Who Do We Think We Are”

With all the latest rumors surrounding  the botched assassination which Rick Ross was lucky enough to dodge, but could be the one who winds up in the jail for supposedly carrying an “expired” licensed firearm with him, at the time of the shooting. Where the suspects are still on large and haven’t been identified yet. (source :


Considering the amount of pressure he might be struggling with, but  that didn’t stop the “Bawse” from making a guest appearance on “Who Do We Think We Are” off the next, immediate track from John Legend‘s upcoming studio album titled “Love In The Future“. Not too sure, if this track is going to be released as a separate single, although one thing’s for sure – it definitely lives up to all the expectations.

Apparently, John himself with the help of his mentor Kanye West and Dave Tozer are responsible for the overall production and boarding duties on the upcoming epic.

We got the official stream for ya’ll, give it a listen and feel that goodness.


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