Skylar Grey Makes An Appearance on “The Host” OST

Skylar Grey aka Holly Brook, the first time I ever heard her voice. I was like, woah! That was one of  the track as a featured artist for Mike Shinoda‘s rap supergroup “Fort Minor“, “Where’d you go” off their debut album “The Rising Tide“.

In 2010, she adopted the moniker “Skylar Grey“, for a whole new start. Where, she got in touch with the super producer “Alex Da Kid” and who further signed her on a production deal to his own recording label ‘KIDinaKORNER“. From there, she went marching on and on, providing writing works for all the three versions of Eminem‘s “Love The Way You Lie” and a whole bunch of other chart topping numbers.


When I first heard her debut single “Com’on Let Me Ride” off her upcoming debut album, I was a little skeptical. Cause, that’s not something which I expected from her. I know her talents, and she’s probably going to show off her versatility in the album, sooner than later.  Which brings me to this brand new track titled “Slowly Freaking Out“, which is going to make an appearance on this upcoming Hollywood movie titled “The Host” Original Soundtrack. The track definitely lives up to the hype. And, you will not be disappointed,  trust me on that.

Furthermore, I couldn’t locate an official stream to the track. But, I was able to found an YouTube video, with a rather rough copy of the track. Give it a listen, If you must. I will update the post, as soon as I get my hands on a high quality stream.


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