Love Nineties? Check out TheNinetys’s remix to Flume’s “Sleepless”

What happens when a classic producer with a vision of the “Nineties Hip Hop” remixes another classic electronic track?

The result – Flume’s sleepless “The Ninetys Remix”. I am a 90’s kid myself. And, I can’t be more excited about/after hearing this new remix which took me straight back to those amazing 90’s. Made me reminisce some of those timeless moments. Well, yeah – this track is that great!

I am not much a fan of the whole remixing culture. I feel, there’s a little bit of disrespect in terms to an Artist’s originality. But, with time I have  come to a conclusion that, remixing is a form of art too. If you are good at it, you will definitely going to bring something entirely different and new to the table. And, that’s what makes this track even more special.


The Ninetys is a UK based record producer who is known for his take and vision on the whole 90’s sound. He often incorporates it in his mixes and productions. Currently aiming for his untitled EP.  His sounds are astoundingly distinctive, to say the least.

I am looking forward to his upcoming EP, till then I am going to “replay” the shit out of this sweet, sweet .. remix. Check out the official stream and feel free to download this amazing track for yes, FREE! (How cool is that now, huh?)

Click on the download button on the stream to download it.

P.S: For all of those who aren’t even aware of FLUME and his skills, check out the original “sleeplesstrack here.


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