FelxProd’s New “Interstellar Journey”

One of my friend, who is a Delhi based Dub producer and a resident DJ for a couple of clubs in here forwarded me this track. He wanted to check it out, and review it cause he thought I am going to feel the vibe on this one?


Man, How he was right! I can’t get enough of this track, titled “Interstellar Journey” from a 20 year old french dubstep producer, who goes by the stage name of “FelxProd“.  I sometimes wish, a lot of up and coming dub-step producers would take a lesson or two from such fine creations on how dub-step can be much more than the usual “Woob, Wooob, Wubububb …” , after all a soul and vision is what makes a song/sound different from the rest.

I will be putting this kid on my list of producers to watch in 2013. Until then, enjoy the official stream of the track down below and don’t hesitate to download the track for free by clicking here or clicking on the download button in the #soundcloud stream widget.


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