F.O.O.L, might sound like a couple of kids, trying to mess about. But, as far as their board skills/production value on tracks is concerned, they are in the same league with the likes of Nick Thayer and all.


F.O.O.L, which stands for “FuckOurOrdinaryLives” is a duo comprises of the swedish DJ/Producer Rasmus Hermansen and another DJ Oliver Nilsson.

Their facebook page suggests –

Making their debut in late 2009, the Swedish duo of Rasmus Hermansen and Oliver Nilsson have taken their name to heart – F*ck Our Ordinary Lives – and risen to the top of the hard/melodic electro scene, winning over thousands of fans worldwide. With massive support from the electronic music blogosphere ever since the free internet release of their debut EP Ashy Diamond Lungs (Late 2009), F.O.O.L. has become a near-household name in the scene alongside the likes of Le Castle Vania, Danger, Toxic Avenger and much more.

The track titled “Fuck It“, was supposed to release a while back under DIMMAK Records but the duo decided to roll it out for free to their fans, after the patience ran thin. Still, if you feel the vibe on the track, feel free to support the duo by clicking here and pay a small amount for the track as a token of appreciation.

Meanwhile, check out the official stream and feel free to download the track, down below.


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