50 Cent Debuts The Official Version of His Latest Single “We Up”

Differences between an Artist’s vision and a recording label’s motives isn’t really a new thing in today’s Music Industry. However, whatever the disagreement is, it shouldn’t hamper the artist’s credibility with his fans. Knowingly, he/she might still be supported in the large numbers but there’s definitely a “suffering” involved as far as the fans across the globe are concerned.

Which brings me to, 50 Cent and his long-awaited fifth studio album titled “Street King Immortal“. For those of you who are not aware of the back story. Well, in the simplest of words – this album was supposed to release in 2011. It’s been 2 years, and had been revised almost a bunch of times, and then it was supposed to hit the stores in 2012. Latest, if sources are to believe it is in the final stages and ready to hit the stores worldwide, in the second half of 2013.

There is no denying the fact that, a lot of artists work really hard to bring out that “masterpiece” of an Album to treat their fans. But, as I said. It does matters, but to a certain extent. And once again, looking at this supposedly “final version” of fourth/fifth? (Not sure, I lost the count, to be very honest) single titled “We Up” off his upcoming album. The things do not appear to be going very well. Apparently, the previously dropped version had an extra guest honors from G-Unit’s own “Kidd Kidd“, which has been removed from this official/final version for some unknown reason or two?


This final version now has an extra verse from Curtis, with the rising star in the Hip Hop Industry “Kendrick Lamar” gracing the track with his spitting skills. The track sounds really good. NY based DaVaughn did a solid work as a producer on the tack, who is also a part of Jay Z‘s own RocNation label.  The video is in the works, and the track is available is hitting the stores on March the 25th, 2013. Till then, enjoy the official stream of the track down below.


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