Naughty Boy singing “La La La” on his latest offering off Hotel Cabana

Naughty Boy. No, not the next door kid. Naughty Boy, aka Shahid Khan is currently one of the most talked about import all the way from U.K.

He made a name from himself as a record producer with two top-ten records for UK rappers Chipmunk (Diamond Rings) and Wiley (Never be Your Woman). Well, he wasn’t always a famous guy. He had his fair share of struggle, while he wanted to pursue his interest in music production. Though, he was already a known name across the UK, after he won £44,000 on a game show called, Deal or No Deal.

Naughty Boy

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Apparently, the money helped him to kick start production with a small studio set-up. I mean, I’ve always got this soft spot for all the artists who started humble and made a big name for themselves, all around.

Well, 2012 turned out to be a major game changer for him where he was seen providing his wondrous board skills on for artists like – Devlin, Cheryl Cole, Emeli Sande, Chipmunk, Devlin, Rihanna, Leona Lewis, Tinie Tempah etc. 

With a one album deal with Virgin UK, he’s all set to make a splash as a full-time artist on the debut titled “Hotel Cabana“. Which is going to feature a huge line-up of guest artists including Tinie Tempah, Emile Sande, Professor Green, Ed Sheeran, Gabriella etc, which also brings me to this latest single titled “La La La”, most likely to make an appearance on his upcoming debut album.


Speaking of the track “La La La”, the hook is kind of catchy and the sample used, reminds me of an old hindi-Indian song, which i can’t recall by the way. Has a kinda pop’ish feel to it, with a rather heavy 808 bass sample in the works. Wouldn’t wonder, if the track is able to crack top 10, sooner or later – it’s that addictive. But, i definitely am looking forward to his album release cause i expect a lot more from him.

Also, find the official #soundcloud stream down below for your listening pleasure.  The track is available for purchase soon. Meanwhile, pay a visit to his site –


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