John Legend’s back with a brand new “The Beginning”

I didn’t even know,  it was John Legend, GLC and Kanye on the backroom duties for Jay Z’s much a celebrated song titled “Encore” off his album “The Black Album” which debuted a no. 1 spot on the billboard 200 chart selling almost more than 400,000 copies within the first week,  in 2003. No wonder, John has come a long way. So long, that he’s now aiming for fourth studio album release in the new month or so titled “Love In The Future“.

John Legend

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John is not your regular “R&B” artist cause he’s much more beyond than that. He surprised us, again and again. With almost 9 Grammy Awards gracing his trophy cabinet and a host of multi-platinum records/album, he’s stronger than ever.

With respect to his upcoming studio album, John was kind enough to showcase his artistry with a rather hopeful track titled “The Beginning“, via his official #soundcloud stream. There is definitely a vibe on this one, and is possibly going to make an appearance on his upcoming album. The piano work on the track reminds me of one of my all-time favorite track from Mike Shinoda‘s rap supergroup “Fort Minor’s ” High Road ” off their debut “The Rising Tied” album. Check out the official stream, down below and watch out for his latest release, in the next few weeks.


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