Lights Ft. Owl City – Cactus In The Valley (Acoustic)

I am not a big fan of Acoustic version/tracks, to be very honest. However, there comes a moment, a song, a time where you feel like – man, this is it! I mean, you feel the vibe. Lose yourself into that serene, different world altogether.

Lights - Cactus In The Valley ft. Owl City

Lights – Cactus In the Valley ft. Owl City (Cover)
Source :

Cactus In The Valley, is that track. I have never heard of anything from this canadian based artist “lights“, but this new track made me listen to some of her previous work and to my amazement – i am really feeling it. More and so, i am looking forward to her upcoming acoustic album titled “Siberia Acoustic“. The very own Adam Youngcan be heard helping her out on the duet duties. Being an electronic up and coming producer myself, i can’t ignore his contribution towards the ever-growing number of bed producers in the industry right about now. The rise of the bed/home based producers.

You can listen to the preview of the track i stumbled on/via, down below. And, go support her by buying the latest single here.


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