James Blake – Retrograde (Total Stranger Remix)

I stumbled across this remix, a couple of nights back while i was hovering around the #soundcloud network.

James Blake  is one the finest soul/electronic, post-dubstep  producer in the industry, right now.  His second album is in the works, titled “Overgrown” is slated for an April the 8th, 2013 release worldwide via his own label, Atlas and with support from Republic Records.

When i first heard his new track titled “Retrograde”, i was like – hmmm!

I could see the full potential of the track, felt the vision what James is trying to achieve with that perfect soothing sound. However, i felt there was something missing. Well, guess i wasn’t the only one.


An electronic/dubstep production crew all the way from Australia, goes by the moniker “Total Stranger” which is promoted by Ender Music kind of did a bit of remixing/cover duties on the track. As a result – James Black – Retrograde (Total Stranger Remix) a remix, which isn’t really a remix if you ask me. Cause, it adds onto a whole new definition to an already beautiful track. And, is on my playlist for this week.

I don’t know much about the crew Total Stranger, but i am definitely looking forward to hear some of their stuff, in the near future.

Check out the official stream of the track and feel free to download the remix, by clicking the download button.


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