Iggy Azalea : Work-ing it, alright!

Amethyst Amelia Kelly – born in Sydney, Australia was your regular girl around the block. Until, at the age of 14 when she discovered her talent for rapping and music in whole. Before hitting the solo scene, she was a part of a all-girl group and looked up to the likes of TLC for inspiration. Realizing her unfathomable interest and love for music and hip hop/rap in a whole, she moved to the United States in 2006, at the age of 16.

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Iggy with her Grand Hustle mentor – T.I.
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Life’s not easy when you have a dream, in your eyes. You think about achieving, turning it into a reality, all the time?  Amelia, had to sacrifice/give up her high school hopes in a bit to fuel her dream move to the U.S. to learn music, while earning and saving money by cleaning with her mother. Her reason for making a trip to the U.S., wasn’t just limited to learning the music. In an interview, she suggested that – ” In Australia, she was like an outsider when it came to her passion for Hip Hop. So, she decided to visit the country where Hip Hop as a culture was born. ”

While learning, performing Amelia adopted a new moniker/stage name for herself – Iggy Azalea which came from her Dog’s name and the street she grew up on.  As usual, the story doesn’t really pick up, yet. Iggy, released a couple of mixtapes within the span of two years before trying to fetch a recording deal from Interscope Records for her debut album titled “The New Classic“, however things didn’t turn out as planned. But, she did manage to grab a whole lot of attention with her Youtube videos going viral worldwide and T.I., lending her a helping hand as an executive producer on her debut album. Which also means, her new album is going to be under T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records imprint with the UK and AUS release is being handled/managed by Mercury Records.


Work Single Cover.
Source : en.wikipedia.org

The latest single titled “WORK” has just been released via all the major stores, worldwide. The Invisible Men – trio production team based out of london provided the board duties on this one. And, the overall production value of this record, isn’t short of a massive success, if you ask me. In an interview with MTV.com, Iggy states that she drew inspiration behind the track and in particular its video from an old, classic Australian musical titled “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” .

“I really liked this film as a kid and always identified with it because it’s [about] drag queens and they have to keep stopping in small rural towns and they’re not accepted,” she continued. “I always kinda felt that way with rap — trying to break into it, I wasn’t accepted and I was out of my element, so I really love that movie, and it being Australian, I really wanted to draw reference from it. So there’s little nods to that in the desert scene.”

Well, enough for now. I guess, it’s definitely worth noticing that Iggy is trying to make an impact in/around Nicki Minaj‘s territory. And, she’s doing a commendable job in bringing some heat and competition for the original Trap Queen title.

But for now, you can stream the track down below from Iggy’s official stream and go buy the latest single by clicking here and support her!


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