Dualist Inquiry – Doppelganger EP (EDM and BEYOND)

When i first heard about an up and coming Electronic Music artist/producer in India. I thought, woah? Wait a minute, are you kidding me? The thing with India is, the times have changed, drastically. So are the people and their taste in music.

Electronic Music, has a countless sub-genres. However, if you take a look at some of the Indian Music Journals or publications they have got the,  in simplest of terms “Cojones” to stereotype all the artists into once particular genre, called – EDM (Electronic Dance Music), whereas they have got no idea what exactly the Artist/producer is trying to achieve with a particular track or album.

The artist/producer i am currently talking about is the talk of the town on the Indian Electronic Music Scene. And he goes by name – Dualist Inquiry (aka Sahej Bakshi), who is based out of New Delhi, India. Quite a co-incidence, considering i am currently typing this article from the same geographical region. Now, when i first heard about this dude . I was like – man, it’s like so many fishes in the sea. I can’t be arsed to check everybody or anybody’s works, cause i was pre-occupied with my own production thingy and other commitments. However, one of my friend forwarded me one of his early tracks, titled “Qualia” from his debut Dualism EP, which had this nice vibe going. And, guilty as charged. I did feel a thing or two, vibin with that track. I knew, this dude’s got them skills.

Just a couple of weeks back, NH7 were bold enough to organize a gig in Delhi where Sahej was to perform. And, the only reason i went there if you ask me – to actually understand his whole vision, in terms of music and sounds. And, he didn’t disappoint.  With a live guitar performance, and a live deck. Who wouldn’t love that? Coming from an Electronic Artist? Are you kidding me. I was sold, there and then.  And made a promise to myself that, i am definitely going to check out his latest EP titled “Doppelganger“.

doppelganger EP

Sahej was kind enough to drop his latest EP for free under his brand new independent label, Dualism Records. The track includes 9 solid  tracks which justify the hype surrounding him as the next big thing, totally. The production value is off the hook, considering it’s an EP? And, please. Don’t stereotype the dude under the so-called “EDM” genre. If you listen to the tracks on the EP, you’ll see how versatile he is. From a rather Electronic/Pop track titled “Specter” with a perfect use of glitchin’ to grace the track over all to an Electro/Dub club banger titled “Anathema“. Those two are definitely on my playlist for this entire month. Considering the quality of the EP, i can guarantee a 100 percent satisfaction in terms of eargasm. And, i hope this new EP would open a whole new world of infinite possibilities for him. Cause, it’s a win-win situation for both him and the fans.

Stream the tracks down below. Click the free download button to download the EP.


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