Atupele Ndisale – A beatmaker with a cause

While doing my usual  so-called “scouting”  for new, underground, up and coming artists, producers. I stumbled across a rather subtle track on #soundcloud.

Titled “the duo”, this track has got it all. Talk about – a soul, a bass, a motive, a cause. When i googled about the artist/producer, who goes by the moniker “atu” – i found him rather amusing and a fresh of breath air in this already crowded industry with up and coming record producers. Dude’s stage name/moniker comes from his rather unusual name, Atupele Ndisale – who hail from Malawi in Ivory Coast, and currently pursuing an course in Economics from University of Michigan, United Sates. Barely 20, he’s got them skills and already working on a brand new release. An EP titled “Pictures on Silence“.

atu x blk arrw

source :

On the track “the duo”, he collaborated with “Sango“, another up and coming music producer from Grand Rapids, MI. I am really feeling that whole 2 step/soul vibe on this one. And, i am definitely going to tell you guys to check this joint out, which is out there for a limited free download, courtesy of soulection.comPlease, do not forget to buy/support his upcoming EP, for the proceedings would go to EveryChild in hopes of providing some financial assistance based in rural areas of Malawi.

Atu is the first artist/producer to get featured on our “New Blood” series, which features some of the most amazing underground, not yet known artists/producers/beatmakers who could use a little help or two from us music bloggers and writers. And, i am happy to do so. That’s what music is all about!

Scroll below to give the soulful joint a listen or two.  Click on the ” F R E E: D L” link to download the track.


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