Timbaland – Done Done (feat. Missy Elliott & Sebastian)

I am not sure, if there’s anyone out there, who is a bigger fan of  Timbaland’s productions and skills more than me?  I mean, this guy’s a genius or what. That new JT’s album “The 20/20 Experience” is solid gold, where Timbo’s the lead producer on the album. Hands down!

timbaland big

source : google.com/images

I just can’t wait for him to drop his long-awaited sequel to his third studio album titled “Shock Value III” , to which the rumors are suggesting is already in the works and towards the completion within the next few weeks or so. Meanwhile, Timbo’s known for his kind nature towards his fans and to show his appreciation – he dropped a new track titled “Done Done“, featuring none other than his long time co-conspirator “Missy Elliott” and his brother Sebastian. I can’t seem to find the name of the dude, who’s on the “hook” duties? If you got any leads, drop it in the comments. It’s a rather signature Timbo beat with a subtle hook duties. Not too much, nor too bland.

I am really digging the vibe. Not too sure, if it’s going to make an appearance on that upcoming album. But, this track’s surely a treat for Timbo’s fans.

Scroll below, to give this new joint a listen.


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